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Doggie Daycare


Each Daycare includes the following....

  • Daycare 7am-4pm (Mon-Fri) 

  • Custom Playgrounds in All Play Area's (Inside/Outside)

  • Walking Paths in Each Play Area 

  • Pergola's with Misters in Each Play Area (Coming Summer 2022)

  • Stimulating Activities Throughout The Day

  • Cool Off in our Kiddie Pools and Sprinklers in the Summer

  • Ice Cookie Treat Time

  • Bacon Flavored Bubble Time 

  • Lounge Furniture to Relax On (Futons, Club Chairs)

  • Cozy Crates Cleaned and Disinfected Daily & As Needed 

  • Fresh Water Down at All Times 

  • Soothing Classical & Spa Music Played at all Times

  • Playgroups Supervised at all Times

  • Naptime in Crate 11am-1pm

Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare is exactly what it sounds like...a Daycare for Dogs! Bring your babies by while you're at work, run errands or just tour the Black Hills. They will get to participate in playgroups, play tug-o-war, cool off in our kiddie pools and sprinklers (of course when it's warm) or they can just lounge on our club chairs, listen to classical/spa music or watch TV.

When you're ready to pick up your babies, they will be just as tired as you, giving you both more time to cuddle!


Behavior Evaluation

For the Safety and Well-Being of our Guests, each Guest is required to have a Behavior Evaluation to ensure your loved one(s) are happy in a Daycare setting and they are both dog and people friendly! During this screening process we will take our time to evaluate your dogs temperament by doing some or all of the following to see how comfortable your dog is with this kind of touch both physically and emotionally.

  • Pet, Touch, Hug Entire Body

  • Check Teeth, Ears and Paws

  • Walk on Leash 

  • Basic Commands (Sit, Stay,  Come etc..) 

  • Confirm Guest is Crate Trained

  • Introduction to Employees and Guests

  • Reactivity Toward Noises, Toys, Dogs, People etc.. 

We will then introduce your baby to each Daycare Guest in the existing group one at a time, and then 2, then 3, and so on, increasing the number of dogs at their comfort level. Some Guests will jump right in and are ready to play while others (just like humans) are a bit more shy and take a little longer. Please keep in mind, we will not rush our Guests and there have been times it's just too overwhelming for some Guests. This will always be done at their comfort level.

behavior evaluation
dog daycare

Daycare Requirements:  

  • Pass Behavior Evaluation

  • Crate Trained

  • Spayed or Neutered by 6 months 

  • No Reactive Behavior Permitted

  • Escape Artists Not Allowed

  • Collar-Free Environment​​​

Our Prices & Plans

​​​​​​​Behavior Evaluation


Private Playtime

$12 (up to 10 minutes)

​​Day Pass


Half Day


Daycare Packages: 

10 Day Pass


20 Day Pass


30 Day Pass


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