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Cat Boarding

Private Suites:

Bring your Cat to Board with us so they can enjoy themselves while you're away! Your Cat will be comfortable in our spacious Private Suites while lounging or exploring on our multi-level Cat Condo provided in each Private Suite. Sunroom Playtime and Cuddle Time is also available for cats who enjoy spending extra time basking in a sunny window or lounging on our lap! Of course it's up to them and what they would like to do, the Cats are in charge! 


Each Private Suite for our Cat Guests include the following....

  • Spacious 3x3 Room 

  • 8 Ft Ceilings so they can Perch as high as they desire

  • Glass Front Door w/ Curtains

  • Multi-Level Cat Condo in each Suite

  • 2 Playtimes Outside of their Suite each day

  • Playgrounds to Climb and Explore on during Playtime 

  • Cat Nip Treat Time

  • Flavored Ice Treat Time  

  • Laser Playtime 

  • Bacon Flavored Bubble Time

  • Club Chairs & Futons to Lounge & Relax On 

  • Room Service (Cleaned/Disinfected Daily & As Needed) 

  • Litter Cleaned Daily & As Needed

  • Fresh Water Down at All Times 

  • Soothing Classical/Spa Music Played during their Stay

Boarding Checklist:

  • Food (Bring enough food for entire stay)​

  • Medications (Fees apply/Keep in original packaging)

  • We supply bowls and blankets 

  • Proof of Vaccinations 

  • Check Out 11am (Fees apply after)


Price List

SH Cat Icon.jpg

Private Suites:  ​

  • 1st Guest: $37.50 

  • 2nd Guest: $35.00 ​

  • Private Playtime: $12 (up to 10-15 minutes)

  • Catnip Treat: $6

  • Medications Administered: $2 per Admin

  • Checkout After 11am: $24 per Guest

  • Boarding Packages: Coming Soon!​​​

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