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Daycare (Dogs Only!)

Price List

Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare is exactly what it sounds like...a Daycare for Dogs. It's simply a place you can leave your dog during the day while you work, run errands or just want to tour the Black Hills! When you pick up your dog after work or a day being a tourist, your babies will be just as tired as you and you both can relax and cuddle together!

Your babies can participate in play groups, play tug-o-war, play in the kiddie pools and sprinklers (of course when it's warm) or just lounge on the couch and listen to some classical music or watch some TV.



Each Daycare includes the following....

  • Daycare 7am-4pm Daily

  • Custom Playgrounds in All Play Area's (Inside/Outside)

  • Walking Paths (_______) 

  • Pergola's with Misters in Each Play area (Coming Summer 2022)

  • Stimulating Activities Throughout The Day

  • Cool Off in our Kiddie Pools and Sprinklers in the Summer

  • Ice Cookie Treat Time (FLAVORED!) (Use our organic chicken broth, 

  • Expand Ice Cookie flavors - melt/soften peanut butter, add into ice cubes

  • Bacon Flavored Bubble Time 

  • Lounge Furniture to Relax On (Futons, Club Chairs)

  • Cozy Crates Cleaned and Disinfected Daily & As Needed 

  • Fresh Water Down at All Times 

  • Soothing Classical/Spa Music Played at all Times

  • Playgroups Supervised at all Times

  • No Collars allowed for Safety *****

  • Naptime in Crate 11am-1pm

Behavior Evaluation:

​For the Safety and Well-Being of our Guests, each Guest is required to go through a Behavior Evaluation to ensure they are both dog and people-friendly. At this screening appointment your dog will be tested for temperament, petting and touching all over your dog’s body, being picked up/ handled, given a big hug, teeth and ear check, and to see how comfortable your dog is with this kind of touch both physically and emotionally.


 We will then introduce your dog to each daycare dog in the existing group one at a time. As the morning goes on they will then be introduced to 2, then 3, and so on, increasing the number of dogs with their comfort level. Some Guests will jump right in and start playing, others may take a bit longer. This will always be done at their comfort level.

Daycare Boarding: 

This Overnight Boarding option is great for our Guests that have passed a Behavior Evaluation already or is attending Daycare on a regular basis. Daycare is included with this option where they can participate in play groups, play tug-o-war, play in the kiddie pool (of course when it's warm) or just lounge on the couch and watch TV.

Each Daycare Boarding Includes the same as our Daycare Guests

  • Free Daycare 7am-4pm Daily

  • Cozy Crate Boarding (Crated During Feeding, Naptime and Bedtime)

  • Custom Playgrounds in all Play Area's (Inside/Outside)

  • Pergola's with Misters in Each Outdoor Play area (Coming Soon)

  • Kiddie Pools 

  • Sprinklers 

  • Ice Cookie Treat Time 

  • Bacon Flavored Bubble Time 

  • Stimulating Activities Throughout the Day

  • Lounge Furniture to Relax On (Futons, Club Chairs) 

  • Daily Room Service

  • Cozy Crates Cleaned and Disinfected Daily & As Needed

  • Fresh Water Down at All Times (In/Out of Crate)

  • Medications Administered (Meds must be in original package)

  • Soothing Classical Music Played to Create Spa Like Atmosphere

  • Playgroups Supervised at All Times 

*For the safety of our Guests, all Guests are required to pass a Behavior Evaluation before boarding in this type of stimulating environment. Please keep in mind, we cannot accept escape artists to board in our daycare area. Just like people, your Loved One(s) will need a Break from the PAWty! If your loved one is boarding in our daycare area, there may be times where they may need a break.

Private Playtime:

Daycare is full of activities and stimulation and can be overwhelming for our Guests. You could say Daycare can be like a party every day for your babies and there may be times when they just need a break from  it all! Just like humans, dogs need breaks, too! Please consider taking advantage of our Private Playtimes we have available for our Guests.

Sometimes they just need some one-on-one attention and a break from the larger group.

Playtime Activities Please consider adding  a Private Playtime to their boarding stay. 


Daycare is full of activities all day long, so we recommend 2 days daycare, 1 day off. That's where adding Private 

A La Carte' 

To ensure the Safety and Well-Being of our Guests, each Guest is required to have a Behavior Evaluation to ensure your loved one(s) are happy in a Daycare setting and they get along well with others. ​

Daycare Requirements: 

  • Pass a Behavior Evaluation 

  • Crate Trained

  • Spayed or Neutered by 6 months 

  • No Reactive Behavior Allowed

  • No Escape Artists 

​​Behavior Evaluation: $16

  • By Appointment Only

  • Must Stay a Minimum of 4 hours

  • Must Stay During Naptime



Daycare Day Pass: $37.50

Half Day: $24.95


Daycare Packages: 

  • 10 Day Pass: $295

  • 20 Day Pass: $455

  • 30 Day Pass: $550


Unlimited Daycare: $425 (per month)

  • Includes Free Behavior Evaluation

  • Use any day of the week 

  • No Commitment 

  • Cancel Anytime​

  • Excludes Weekends and Holidays

  • (Create Blackout dates for DC)

  • No Refunds

  • Up Price - ADD 1 Self-Serve Bathing per month

*Unlimited Daycare and Daycare Packages cannot be used for Overnight Boarding. 

(or Half-Day's (R/A - let's get rid of Half-days! - we will honor anyone doing it now, but NONE going forward!)


Private Playtime: $12 (up to 10 minutes)


Daycare Boarding Checklist: 

  • Dog Food (Enough for Entire Stay)

  • Medications (Must be in Original Packaging)

  • Updated Vaccinations

  • All Personal Items Labeled

  • We Supply Dishes, Blankets and Beds

  • Check Out 11am

Working on issue with "Book Now" button

DC Things to do:

  • Professional Pictures of Daycare 

  • Prepare Viewing on XF's

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