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Dog Boarding:

Price List

Private Suites: (Dogs!)

Safe Haven Pet Resort offers two options of overnight boarding for our Dog Guests allowing you to choose the experience that’s best for your babies! Our Privates Suites provide a more private and relaxing experience which are great for Guests that prefer not to be in a PAWty action-packed, sometimes over-stimulating environment every day. This is a great option for our Guests that have not been spayed or neutered.

Each Private Suite for Dogs include the following....

  • Spacious 8x5 Room

  • Glass Front Door with Curtains

  • Toddler Bed with Sheets and Blankets

  • Guests Let Outside a Minimum of 4 x's a Day

  • Let Out's include 2 Playtimes (Add additional Playtimes for $12) 

  • Pergola's with Misters in Each Play area (Coming Summer 2022!)

  • Custom Playgrounds in Play Area Outside

  • Kiddie Pools & Sprinklers 

  • Ice Cookie Treat Time (set 2x's a day to give ice cookies!) 

  • Bacon Flavored Bubble Time (Let's add these to our PS's!) 

  • Room Service (Suites Cleaned/Disinfected Daily & As Needed) 

  • Fresh Water Down at All Times 

  • Medications Administered at No Extra Charge

  • Soothing Classical/Spa Music Playing during their stay

  • Indoor/Outdoor Private Suite Patios (Coming Summer 2022) 

Daycare Boarding:

This Overnight "Daycare Boarding" option is great for our Guests that have passed our required Behavior Evaluation or is attending Daycare on a regular basis. Daycare Activities and Scheduled Routine is included with this option where they can participate in play groups, play tug-o-war, cool off in our kiddie pools (of course when it's warm) or just lounge on the futons and club chairs and watch TV.


Each Daycare Boarding Includes the Following....

  • Daycare is Included Daily (7am-4pm)

  • Crate Boarding (Crated During Naptime and Bedtime)

  • Pergola's with Misters in each Play area (Coming Summer 2022!) 

  • Custom Playgrounds in each Play Area (Both Inside/Outside)

  • Kiddie Pools & Sprinklers 

  • Ice Cookie Treat Time 

  • Bacon Flavored Bubble Time 

  • Lounge Furniture to Relax On (Futons, Club Chairs) 

  • Room Service (Crates Cleaned/Disinfected Daily & As Needed) 

  • Fresh Water Down at All Times (In/Out of Crate)

  • Medications Administered, If Needed

  • Soothing Classical/Spa Music Played during their Stay 

  • Playgroups Supervised at all Times

*Daycare Boarding Guests are required to pass a Behavior Evaluation (Add Link) 


  • Laser pointing - dangerous

  • Allow Owners to take their cats back?! This will help owners and guests!

  • Allow entry and exit using PRIVATE Door for scared cats- Must have RULES - All cats secured, 2 people. Must be paid in full before exiting, etc..

  • Wear masks at all times 

  • Separate Dogs and Cats Boarding so it's not so busy? Extra clicks possible. R/A - Emo's -DISCUSS please! 

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Private Suite (Dogs!):  ​

  • 1st Guest: $47.50

  • 2nd Guest: $45.00 

  • Medications Administered: Free

Daycare Boarding (Dogs Only!):

  • Each Guest: $37.50

  • Medications Administered: Free

*Medications must be in original container or packaging

For the Safety and Well-Being of our Guests, All Guests  participating or boarding in Daycare, must do the following... 

Daycare Boarding Requirements: 

  • Pass a Behavior Evaluation ($16) 

  • Must Be Crate Trained

  • Spayed or Neutered by 6 months 

  • No Reactive Behavior Permitted

  • Escape Artists Not Permitted

  • Stay During Naptime

  • Collar-Free Environment


​​​Boarding Packages:​ (Coming Soon!) 

A'La Carte Services:

Private Playtime: $12 (up to 10 minutes)

Kong Treat: $6

  • Pumpkin and Rice 

  • Peanut Butter 

  • Yogurt 


Memberships: ​ (Coming Soon!)

If your loved ones are new to our facility, we recommend a few days of daycare or a few visits in advance of their first time boarding overnight.. This gives your baby a chance to become comfortable and familiar with the environment as well as allowing us to get to know their needs better.

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