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What is Doggie Daycare? 
Doggie Daycare is exactly what it sounds like...a daycare for dogs. It's simply a place you can leave your dog during the day while you work, run errands or just want to tour the Black Hills!
Dogs can participate in play groups, play tug-o-war, play in the kiddie pool (of course when it's warm) or just lounge on the couch and watch TV.
Behavior Evaluation: 

We want to assure that they are both dog, and people-friendly. At the screening appointment your dog will be tested for attitude, petting all over your dog’s body, being picked up/ handled, a big hug, teeth and ear check, and to see how comfortable your dog is with this kind of touch both physically and emotionally. Temperament testing will take place at the same time or the first morning that your dog comes to daycare. Your dog will then be introduced to each dog in the existing pack one at a time. As the morning goes on they will then be introduced to 2, then 3,and so on, increasing the number of dogs with their comfort level.
Behavior Evaluation.......$10 (first time only)
Day Pass..........…………$27.50
Half Day Pass……………$18 (up to 4 hours only)

Save $ with a pre-paid packages!
10 day pass……$250 
20 day pass……$395
30 day pass……$455 (Save $12.64 per day)